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Are you hip to current baby shower slang? Want a refresher? Here’s some helpful definitions…

Baby Shower

Celebration or party with mom-to-be where you have great food & drinks, good friends, fun games, and shower mom-to-be with baby gifts.

Sip ‘n See

Small celebration after baby is born where you have all of the components of a baby shower, but you also get to meet baby.


Celebration or party for a mom-to-be who is pregnant with a second, third, or  more – where the guest list is smaller and the gifts are usually smaller, too (since mom likely already has the big stuff).

Drop In Shower

A baby shower with no structure – guests “drop in” anytime between the start time and end time, and have a piece of cake while chatting with mom-to-be as she opens your gift.

Couples/Co-ed Baby Shower

A Baby Shower where daddy-to-be attends, and the guest list includes both his and her friends, requesting the guest to attend with or without a significant other.

Grandma Baby Shower

A shower where the guest of honor is a first-time grandma-to-be, and the invite list is only grandma’s girl friends & the mom-to-be. Gifts are very small, like brag books, burp clothes, and possibly a pack ‘n play. [Only appropriate if mom-to-be is having her own shower separately.]

Daddy Baby Shower

A baby shower for the new dad, the guest list includes men only. It can be thrown by his best guy friends or used for an office baby shower.


Otherwise called a mother blessing, this is a spiritual celebration of the new life that mom-to-be is bringing into the world and a commemoration of a woman’s journey into motherhood. There is no emphasis on gift giving as with other types of baby showers.

Oftentimes the friends at the ceremony agree that as soon as they receive word labor has begun they will say a prayer and light a candle for the mother. This support can mean so much to a laboring woman.

Many believe that the blessingway tradition was begun by Native Americans. It was a ritual to offer blessing at many life passages, not just pregnancy. But it is commonly thought to be the origin of the pregnancy blessingway.


The Best Gifts For a Twin Pregnancy

When expecting a baby, many new parents can feel overwhelmed with the number of items that need to be purchased before the arrival takes place.  For many, one baby can seem overwhelming, but when it comes to a twin pregnancy, things can feel even worse.

Since this should be a joyous time in a new parent's life, the occasion should be celebrated with many gifts that are aimed at helping out the family as they wait for their set of twins to be born.  There are many great gifts out there that will be cherished by the growing family as they bring their new babies home.

A twin pregnancy is more common than what many people think.  As it turns out, about 3 in every 100 pregnancies end with a set of twins.  Although it is generally detected prior to the delivery date that twins should be expected, this information can still be quite a surprise to the first time mother and father.

There is no better way to help the new parents celebrate, than to give them a unique and much needed gift.  Upon doing an online search, many different gift ideas are found, including a gift basket filled with items specifically for the new mother, a journal, a twin sized diaper bag and a more unique item called the dummy bucket.  Whichever way you would like to go when purchasing a twin related gift, you can be sure that it will be much appreciated.

Some of the best gifts for a twin pregnancy include specific items that are needed for the new babies as well as items that simply make life easier for the new mother.  Artwork that has a twin related theme is a great idea for the nursery, as well as crib bedding sets, coordinated clothing sets, and books written with twins in mind.

The dummy bucket is perhaps the best gift idea as well since so many new babies use a dummy on a regular basis.  Even if you don't use Dummies (pacifiers) then the Dummy Bucket can be a great storage option.

There is no better way for a new mother to hygienically store the dummies being used by her newborn twins. Since the duration of the pregnancy is often shorted with twins, it is a great idea to create some gift ideas early on so that you are well prepared for the day of arrival.

With so many great gift ideas for the twin pregnancy, you can be sure that yours will be a one-of-a-kind gift that is cherished for many years to come.


The Benefits of Using Babies Dummies

Many new moms wonder whether or not they should give their babies dummies (also known as soothers or pacifiers). These are very commonly used, and there are a lot of benefits to their use, so there is no need to be worried about letting your baby use one if he or she finds it to be soothing.

One of the major benefits of babies dummies is the fact that they have been found to help prevent cot death, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is a big worry for many new moms and dads. Put your baby to sleep with a dummy and they are less likely to die from SIDS.

Of course most moms and dads first give their babies dummies because of the fact that the sucking motion tends to calm them down, giving mom and dad a break from crying. They are so soothing that they tend to help a baby get to sleep faster, and stay asleep during the night if they have one in their mouth. They simply start to suck automatically as they wake and the motion puts them back to sleep before they even get their eyes open in many cases.

Sucking on babies dummies can also help to keep your child from starting to suck on his or her thumb, which has been found to lead to dental problems if they carry on with it for too long. It is easier to get a child to stop using a dummy as they get older than to stop sucking their thumb since their thumb is always with them.

It has even been found that premature babies that use a dummy are able to leave the hospital sooner than those who do not. They also are able to start feeding from a bottle sooner. As with other babies, the dummy can help to keep them calm between feedings as well.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits for allowing your baby to use a dummy. Breastfeeding moms may want to make sure that their baby is well versed in nursing before they start however, since some babies might get a bit confused due to the slightly different nipple types. However, these days they have some dummies that are more like the real thing to limit this problem.

And of course, if you are using babies dummies, you'll also want a handy place to keep them. Check out our unique solution here



Nearly everyone has trouble thinking of baby gift ideas which will be "that little bit extra special" when given. Often people ask "Where can I get some really good baby gift ideas?"

You can run through a whole list of items -- clothes (although they can be a bit personal if you don't know the mum and her family that well) it's a safe bet the new mum will be grateful for things like singlets and nappies which don't really have any style or attributes which can upset people's dress sense.

Another good idea is to buy a little basket from a $2 store and fill it with little bits and pieces you know the mum will use: wet wipes, nappy rash cream, teething rings, bonjella, nail clippers, powder and the like.

Bunny rugs and various baby wraps will always be used and also a gift voucher is another way of making sure the new mum gets exactly what she wants . . . and not what YOU want her to have.

Once you start thinking about what the new mum will need, baby gift ideas will just start popping into your head.

Other good ideas include cute little photo albums or picture frames, and as long as you check first in case the new mum already has one, a baby book. If you're a little more alternate, aromatherapy oils are also a good choice, as are mobiles for above the crib or cot.

One thing that practically every new mum should have is often overlooked when people are looking for baby gift ideas: the dummy, otherwise known as a pacifier or soother.

And one pet hate for every mum is not being able to find a dummy right when she needs it. Or else let's just ask how many mums have ever picked up their little darling's dummy off the floor, popped it in her own mouth to 'clean' it, then popped it straight into her baby's mouth?

Obviously, the solution is something which can serve as the place to keep your dummies -- not only where you can find them, but lovely and hygienically clean, and ready to use.

The Dummy Bucket, available here from our shopping cart, is exactly the right solution for these two major dummy issues.

And best of all, it's made from medically safe Bisphenol-A-free plastic -- proven never to give off chemicals which could harm your baby. Bisphenol-A is a hormone-disrupting chemical which is potentially harmful to health and also to the environment.

So instead of the 'standard' selection of baby gift ideas we listed early in this story, just go straight for our Dummy Bucket. This unique baby accessory is ideal for baby showers, birthdays or just terrific for someone you know or love who has just had a baby.





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