Nearly everyone has trouble thinking of baby gift ideas which will be "that little bit extra special" when given. Often people ask "Where can I get some really good baby gift ideas?"

You can run through a whole list of items -- clothes (although they can be a bit personal if you don't know the mum and her family that well) it's a safe bet the new mum will be grateful for things like singlets and nappies which don't really have any style or attributes which can upset people's dress sense.

Another good idea is to buy a little basket from a $2 store and fill it with little bits and pieces you know the mum will use: wet wipes, nappy rash cream, teething rings, bonjella, nail clippers, powder and the like.

Bunny rugs and various baby wraps will always be used and also a gift voucher is another way of making sure the new mum gets exactly what she wants . . . and not what YOU want her to have.

Once you start thinking about what the new mum will need, baby gift ideas will just start popping into your head.

Other good ideas include cute little photo albums or picture frames, and as long as you check first in case the new mum already has one, a baby book. If you're a little more alternate, aromatherapy oils are also a good choice, as are mobiles for above the crib or cot.

One thing that practically every new mum should have is often overlooked when people are looking for baby gift ideas: the dummy, otherwise known as a pacifier or soother.

And one pet hate for every mum is not being able to find a dummy right when she needs it. Or else let's just ask how many mums have ever picked up their little darling's dummy off the floor, popped it in her own mouth to 'clean' it, then popped it straight into her baby's mouth?

Obviously, the solution is something which can serve as the place to keep your dummies -- not only where you can find them, but lovely and hygienically clean, and ready to use.

The Dummy Bucket, available here from our shopping cart, is exactly the right solution for these two major dummy issues.

And best of all, it's made from medically safe Bisphenol-A-free plastic -- proven never to give off chemicals which could harm your baby. Bisphenol-A is a hormone-disrupting chemical which is potentially harmful to health and also to the environment.

So instead of the 'standard' selection of baby gift ideas we listed early in this story, just go straight for our Dummy Bucket. This unique baby accessory is ideal for baby showers, birthdays or just terrific for someone you know or love who has just had a baby.





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