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Welcome to Love U Babee, you are one of the first to find out about our unique new baby product. If hygiene is important to you and your new baby then please read on!

How many dummies have you lost or had to throw out? The dummy (aka baby pacifier or baby soother) is a lifesaver for many mums, great for soothing your baby or settling them to sleep. The trouble is, they’re easy to lose and hard to keep clean!

Not only that, the Dummy Bucket is a novel, fun gift for baby showers, baby shower games, christenings and much more....

Introducing The Dummy Bucket!

If you’re sick of hunting for that elusive, misplaced dummy then try the Dummy Bucket today . . . it’s those simple, everyday solutions that can make all the difference.




Practical and Hygienic Storage:

The Dummy Bucket holds up to 8 dummies kitchen pantry. You will always know where your baby's dummies are!  Dummies may also be sterilised in the Dummy Bucket with a sterilising solution, boiling or steaming and being BPA free will keep your baby items safe from harmful chemicals.


Comes in a Range of Colours:

If you need to store it, then why not make it stylish? The Dummy Bucket comes in a range of five playful colours including Azure, Cherry Pink, Apple Green, White, and Baby Blue.


Easy Wash and Dry:

You can wash all your dummies and put them straight in the Dummy Bucket. The bucket s dry and clean ready for baby. Also great for bottle teats, bottle caps and baby treats!


Dishwasher Safe:

The Dummy Bucket is top shelf dishwasher safe and microwave safe, making it easy to keep clean.


Not just for Dummies:

Use the Dummy Bucket to store baby supplies such as cotton buds and cotton balls, baby food, bibs, baby socks, bottle teets – the list goes as far as your imagination.  Whatever you choose, you’ll always be able to find it in the Dummy Bucket.


BPA Free:  The Dummy Bucket is 100% Australian designed, made and owned.  The Dummy Bucket is a BPA free quality product abiding with AS2070-1992 and US FDA Regulations. This gives you piece of mind knowing the Dummy Bucket is free from any harmful chemicals.


Choose any two Dummy Buckets from our 5 colours and receive 


         SAVING - $11.35          

    Offer ends 30th September 2015  

* Free postage Australia wide only



Simply go to our Love U Babee Online Store and follow the steps.

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